Enforcement and Exemptions

Nompucuko Nontombana, head of Enforcement and Exemptions division.

The Enforcement and Exemptions division, headed by Nompucuko Nontombana, is responsible for administering the provisions of Chapter 2 and Schedule 1 of the Competition Act.

The division’s core functions are:

1) Investigating complaints

2) Evaluating exemption applications

Contact the Division

Cassandra Mongake
PA to Divisional Manager
Tel: 012 – 394 3218
Fax: 012 – 394 4218
Email: CassandraM@compcom.co.za

Vanessa Kruger
Divisional Assistant
Tel: 012 – 394 3272
Fax: 012 – 394 4272
Email: VanessaK@compcom.co.za

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