Fifth Annual Competition Law Conference

The Fifth Annual Competitition Law, Economics & Policy in South Africa

Date: 04-05 October 2011

Venue: University of Johannesburg – School of Tourism & Hospitality, Bunting Road, Auckland Park

Parallel 1 (A): Competition, Public Interest and Policy

Parallel 1 (B): Mergers, Remedies and Public Interest

Competition and Trade Policy: The Case of the Botswana Poultry Industry
Paper by: Roman Grynberg & Masedi Motswapong, Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis
Heal the World……Competition law and public interest issues
Paper by: Lesley Morphet & Andrew Konstant, Webber Wentzel
Can socio-economic justice be adequately addressed through the competition law system? A look at the efficacy of structural remedies in abuse of dominance matters
Paper by: Temosho Sekgobela, Competition Commission SA
Interpretation of Market Shares, Countervailing Power, Barriers to Entry And Innovation in a Differentiated Products Market
Paper by: Thabelo Ravhugoni, SA Competition Commission
Competition legislation and policy – is it necessary in a developing economy?
Paper by: Louise du Plessis, Judd Lurie & Amy van Buuren, ENS
Developments in Unilateral Effects Analysis: Price Pressure Tests
Paper by: Andrew Swan & Richard Murgatroyd, RBB Economics

Chair: Yasmin Carrim, Competition Tribunal SA

Discussant: Myriam Velia, TIPS

Chair: Oupa Bodibe, Competition Commission SA

Discussant: Neo Chabane, NUMSA

Parallel 2 (A): Issues of Competition Law in Africa

Paralles 2 (B): Market Power and Abuse of Dominance

Are Southern African competition law regimes geared up for effective cooperation in competition law enforcement?
Paper by: Nelly Sakata, SA Competition Commission
Key insights into assessing below cost pricing in South Africa.
Paper by: Anthony Felet & Viresh Ranchod, Genesis
Effective Regulation of Competition in the Liberalised Telecommunications Sector in Sub- Saharan Africa: Uganda’s Experience.
Paper by: Rachel Alemu
What constitutes “inducement” in terms of section 8(d)(i)?
Paper by: Paul Anderson & Fatima Fiandeiro, Genesis
Ensured Effective Cooperation between the Competition Commission and Sector Regulators – A Namibian Perspective
Paper by: Taimi Amunkete, Namibian Competition Commission
Squeezing the margin squeeze abuseinto the South African Competition Act
Paper by: Geoff Parr, Norton Rose
Administrability and business certainty? An economist’s view of the South African record on abuse of dominance
Paper by: Simon Roberts, Competition Commission SA & UJ

Chair: Wendy Mkwananzi, Competition Commission SA

Discussant: Prof Dave Lewis, GIBS

Chair: Andreas Wessels, Competition Tribunal SA

Discussant: Sean Ennis, Competition Commission of Mauritius

Parallel 3 (A): Various

Parallel 3 (B): Cartels and Oligopoly Conduct

Between a rock and a hard place? A closer look at the Competition Appeal Court.
Paper by: Heathrow Romeo Kariga, Competition Commission SA
Designing Appropriate Remedies for Competition Law Enforcement: The Pioneer Foods Settlement Agreement
Paper by: Tembinkosi Bonakele and Liberty Mncube, Competition Commission SA
ATM pricing and retail bank competition in South Africa
Paper by: Phil Alves, Competition Commission SA
The impact of antitrust fines on firm valuation in South Africa: The case of Pioneer Foods, Tiger Brands and Sasol Chemical Industries.
Paper by: Raksha Darji, Sunel Grimbeek & Gilbert Muzata, Competition Commission SA
Understanding Public Policy Exemptions
Paper by: Neil Mackenzie & Stephen Langbridge, Bell Dewar Inc
Standard setting – Identifying anti-competitive outcomes
Paper by: Shannon Knight, Fathima Sheik & Thembalethu Sithebe, Genesis
Transaction Cost Economics: Applications to Competition Policy in South Africa
Paper by: Mike Holland, PriceMetrics
Exporting at a discount: collusive dumping or oligopolistic competition?
Paper by: Bojana Ignjatovic & Simon Baker, RBB Economics
Chair: Keith Weeks, Competition Commission SADiscussant: Chair: Oliver Josie, Competition Commission SADiscussant: Steve Davies, UEA


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