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The Advocacy Division is responsible for promoting compliance with the Competition Act through non-enforcement means. The Act identifies advocacy-related functions as:

a)  Implement measures to increase market transparency.

b)  Implement measures to develop public awareness of the provisions of the Act.

c)  Conduct formal inquiry in respect of the general state of competition in a market.

d)   Negotiate agreements with any regulatory authority to coordinate and harmonise the exercise of jurisdiction over competition matters within the relevant industry or sector, and ensure the consistent application of the principles of the Act.

e)  Participate in the proceedings of any regulatory authority.

f)  Advise  and receive advice from  any regulatory authority.

g)  Review legislation and public regulations, and report to the Minister concerning any provision that permits uncompetitive behaviour.

h)  Deal with any other matter referred to it by the Tribunal.

The various aspects of Advocacy, such as Market Inquiries or Advisory Opinions, are undertaken by divisions across the Commission.  However, the Advocacy division is specifically responsible for:

  • Forging and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.
  • Engaging with respondents in an effort to resolve cases through non-enforcement means.
  • Reviewing and responding to Government policy and regulation, in order to promote alignment with competition objectives.
  • Undertaking education and awareness initiatives and programs.
  • Negotiating and entering into memoranda of understanding with other economic regulators and entities.

The Advocacy Division is headed by Ms Khanyisa Qobo, supported by a highly skilled team.

Khanyisa Qobo

Divisional Manager : Adovacacy

Contact of the Division

Elizabeth Hlatshwayo

+ (012 ) 394 3070


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