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African Competition Forum

  • The African Competition Forum (ACF) is an informal network of African national and multinational competition authorities.The principal objective of the ACF is to promote the adoption of competition principles in the implementation of national and regional economic policies of African countries. To realise its objectives, the ACF engages in the following activities:e to the objectives of the ACF.
  • Encouraging and assisting African countries that do not have a competition law to adopt one.
  • Helping to build the capacity of existing and future African competition agencies and increasing the awareness of the benefits of implementing competition laws among governments, the general public and stakeholders.
  • The ACF was launched in 2011 in Nairobi
  • 19 African competition agencies, one African regional body attended the launch
  • Kenya was the first Chair, with South Africa as Vice Chair and Senegal as Secretary
  • The Steering Committee comprised 11 members
  • Today the ACF has 34 members: 30 national competition agencies and four regional agencies as members
  • First Biennial Conference was held in South Africa in 2014
  • South Africa was elected as the Chair, with Mauritius as Vice Chair and Senegal as the Secretary
  • South Africa is currently serving two terms of Chairmanship
Regularisation of membership


  • ACF operational framework requires agencies that want to be members to complete an application form confirming that they subscribe to the objectives of the ACF.
  • Steering Committee approves membership We have received 26 applications and membership certificates have been prepared and will be handed out to members who are here later today.

List of Members

  •  At the last Biannual Conference in Sept 2014, there were 32 members (de facto, no official record was kept)
  • Now have 34 members
  • Outreach has been ongoing – Angola, Nigeria, Liberia and Niger
  • Latest member to join the ACF is the Eastern Africa Community (EAC)
  • African Competition Forum invites African countries to come join and share information and experiences.

ACF Structure

  • Chair : South Africa
  • Vice-Chiar: Mauritius
  • Secretary: Senegal

Membership List

  • Benin
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • The Gambia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • Zambia

Chair: Competition Commission South Africa   

Tembinkosi Bonakele  

Vice Chair: Competition Commission Mauritius

Deshmuk Kowlessur


Precious Mathibe  +27 12 394 1270

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