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Economic Research Bureau

The Economic Research Bureau is largely composed of economists and is headed by the Commission’s Chief Economist, James Hodge. The Bureau is closely involved with the day-to-day work of case teams. It provides economic guidance and methodological assistance in complex cases and competition policy issues. The Bureau also provides economic expert testimony to the Tribunal on behalf of the Commission on a case-by-case basis.

The key operational responsibilities of the Bureau are to:

  • Ensure research on sectors and policy issues identified by the Commission as priority areas;
  • Ensure sound economic analysis for enforcement cases, merger cases and market inquiries; and
  • Provide economic expert testimony to the Tribunal on behalf of the Commission.

The Bureau acts as a focal point for economic debate within Commission. In particular, the Division contributes to the training plan of the Commission through capacity building courses and seminars. It also ensures research on studies of a general economic nature such as impact assessments.

James Hodge

Chief Economist, Economic Research Bureau and Acting Deputy Commissioner

Contact in the Division

Nomsa Mokoena

012 763 8655