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The Cartels Division is responsible for administering the provisions of Chapter 2, in particular Section 4(1)(b) of the Competition Act, which prohibits cartel behavior in South Africa. The division’s core functions are to:

  • Investigate cartel complaints;
  • Prosecute cartel cases; and
  • Administer the corporate leniency policy (CLP).

A cartel involves an agreement or concerted practice between two or more competitors to fix prices and/or trading conditions, divide markets and/or engage in collusive tendering. By artificially limiting competition that would normally prevail between them, companies avoid exactly the kind of pressures that lead them to innovate, both in terms of product development and production methods. This ultimately results in high prices and less choices for consumers.

Mr Makgale Mohlala is currently the Divisional Manager of Cartels, supported by a highly skilled and professional team.

Makgale Mohlala

Divisional Manager: Cartels


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